Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation Bible School

We're having Vacation Bible School this week at church (Victory Baptist Church, Bristol VA), Monday to Friday 6-8PM each night. I'm driving a van to pick up some kids, and I'm in the adult class, the first time we've had an adult class.

We have 14 adults, and about 150 kids. The adults had a variety of soups to pick from for supper, as well as sub sandwich sections (big subs sliced in sections); the kids had lunchmeat wraps, bologna, turkey or ham, lettuce and shredded cheese on a soft taco tortilla. There were a variety of sides as well, like grapes, cantaloupe, marshmallows, and something else. I liked the potato soup a lot, but there were a lot of other good soups as well, like a veggie beef soup and a chicken noodle soup. And they were all homemade.

We left a little early today to take the kids home because a storm blew up. It got raining really hard on the way home, though not to the point of being unsafe. But some trees had blown over and there were branch pieces everywhere. When we (the kids and I) were almost to their house, we came across a tree over the road and we had to backtrack some and go another way. It wasn't too far out of the way though, just a fun side trip. After I dropped them home (the rain had pretty much stopped by then), I started back to the church to work on video. And I came across a main road blocked by a tree, with police turning people around. The alternate route was a long way out of the way. I could have found another one if I had realize just how far out of the way it was... It took about an hour and a quarter to get back to the church; it should have been about a half hour round-trip.

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