Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recycling: Advertisement should be stronger

An advertisement is currently being aired (I believe by the EPA) that says that "you probably already recycle cardboard, glass and plastic". But rechargeable batteries can also be recycled.

These batteries can be separate AA (or other size) batteries that you charge in a separate charger, but they also include the battery in your cellphone, laptop computer, media , portable game player, cordless electric shaver, cordless drill, etc.

This ad is inaccurate. Cardboard, glass and plastic CAN be recycled. Rechargeable batteries NEED TO BE recycled. They contain toxic materials. These components should neither be burned nor added to landfills. In addition, they contain rare materials, like lithium and cadmium, that need to be reclaimed and reused.

Even if you don't recycle in general, rechargeable batteries need to be recycled. Most stores that sell them have drop-off locations.

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