Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson just died

Michael Jackson just died. He had a heart attack an hour or so ago, arrived at the hospital in a coma, and just died at the hospital.

I grew up with "The Jackson 5" TV show on Saturday mornings (an animated psychedelic musical ride) and music like "Beat It" (though I liked Weird Al's "Eat It" better...). Several generations are familiar with the Jackson 5 renditions of songs like "Rockin' Robin" and "ABC".

He'll be missed by many. But young boys the world over are relieved.

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  1. It was actually a cardiac arrest, not a heart attack. The heart just stopped, no artery blockage.

    He was getting ready for a comeback concert series that was to be both a return to fame and, as he himself put it, a "final curtain call". The concert series titled "This Is It" was scheduled for 50 concerts in Europe between July 13 2009 and March 6 2010. Yes, that was to start in 2 1/2 weeks.