Friday, December 2, 2011

Transformers DotM Target-Exclusive Voyager Starscream

I've been posting mostly to Twitter (MichaelWPollard) and to Facebook for those who know me, but this comment, while it will be short, is better suited to a blog post.

I just got the Target-exclusive Starscream Voyager figure. Yes, I'm referring to Transformers. This is the one that's a remake of the Revenge of the Fallen version, in gray with silver tattoos and a red canopy, marketed as a Dark of the Moon figure.

Dave Van Domelen has mostly good comments about the model, and I didn't get the one before because they never got cheap before they sold out. $15 with Target's current sale is pretty cheap for a $30 retail.

The model, design, coloring, and transformation are all pretty good. Unfortunately, quality control is slipping a bit, as sometimes happens with recolored rereleases, which I'd hoped wouldn't happen for a Target version, but it's really got some rough spots. Specifically in two areas.

First, there are two sets of fins, each of which can be detached rather easily. On mine, these were both attached backwards - and they were also attached to the wrong sides of the figure.

Second, the one of the fin joints has a connector tab about 1/4" long that fits in a slot. This tab has a bump in one end and a hole in the other. Unfortunately, one bump is almost non-existant (which means it obviously won't grip its mating hole very well), and one hole smaller in diameter than the bump - which means it won't fit in. The notch width allows the fin to fit in its place, it just doesn't hold on very well.

That said, Starscream looks great in jet mode. And he looks... like the movie version in robot mode. Which is better than the first movie figure, but still suffers from Michael Bay's reimagining of Transformers. Starscream's supposed to be egotistical about his appearance, which is easier if he doesn't look like an ape. But the jet is great, except for hands that are rather obvious sticking out the back. It's a lot better than having whole arms hanging from the underside, which often happens with Starscream lately. And the missiles can mount under the wings. You know, like real jets do. They won't launch there, but they look good.

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