Thursday, June 23, 2011 Computer technical support by American techs

I mentioned my new job when I started, but haven't said anything to really promote it. And yes, for disclaimer, I work with them.

But if you need software support, is a really good place to get it. All the support techs are in North America, so they understand and speak English. Service satisfaction is guaranteed. And subscriptions are the most popular service - for $19.99 a month, you can call anytime you have a concern.

For what it's worth, we find most computer problems are caused by malware - viruses and such. They've gotten good as slipping around security software. But we don't rely on scanners - we use a variety of tools and techniques to find and remove malware.

And we operate 24/7. I work nights, so I know that first-hand... :P on Facebook on Twitter

OK - I found I have posted before about - here.


  1. Great idea. Keep the jobs in America

  2. Thanks for reading my posts.

    Many customers like us better than our competitors because they can understand what we are saying. That we can actually fix their problems (which many competitors don't do) is a bonus.

    My mother tried one of our competitor's service, because they promised free support for a popular antivirus product. She was told that her problem was with her computer, not with the product, and that as such, fixing the problem would require a paid support subscription. She got the sub, but they still didn't fix the problem right away, but required several callbacks to complete it. (She didn't consult me before subscribing). And it was a problem with the product, since I had confirmed her computer to be clean right before, but these techs would not say exactly what the problem was - probably because they wanted to protect their subscription service. not only has all North American techs, but we also guarantee our work. If you don't like us, we'll refund what you paid.

    And we're 24/7. Some people get subs and call us in the middle of the night for minor issues, just wanting somebody to talk to... :P

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